Throw, Skip and Done

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If you're planning on doing any large scale garden renovations, then you'll no doubt end up with a large amount of organic waste such as tree roots, grass and soil. Having this lying around outside can be unsightly and runs the risk of blowing around the garden and seeping into the surrounding area when it rains. The rot that can come from this can also smell. Fortunately, skip bins can provide a fantastic storage solution for all kinds of waste and can be hired easily. Not only will you save yourself many trips to the skip, but you can also rest easy knowing that your waste is being disposed of safely in accordance with government guidelines in order to protect the environment. 

Is Bigger Always Better?

Depending on the size of the task in hand you may decide that a larger skip is in order. However, they can come in many different sizes and it can be difficult to know what to get. They are often measured in square feet, but some online companies have made it easy to measure the size by the estimated number of black bin bags each skip can hold. If you're unsure your skip hire company will be able to offer an estimate, and even if it's too small, you'll be able to arrange for regular pickups. 

Prep Plans

Preparing for your skip is simple enough. You may want to consider a few things before hiring though. If you plan on having the skip on the road, contact your local council just to notify them. It may be worth mentioning it to neighbors as well so they are aware there may an obstruction in the road, as this may affect their parking situation. You will also want to check the size of the road and driveway as this will determine the size of skip you can have, and the size of the lorry that will deliver it. 

To Lid Or No Lid

Having a lid thrown into the package isn't a bad idea. It'll help to keep your waste-free from rain and pests whilst discouraging other people from throwing their rubbish in with yours. Skips should be filled with similar waste types so that it can be disposed of easily, but if you fill it with organic waste and someone throws in a load of old light bulbs and metal fixtures, there's a possibility that you'll be susceptible for a fine.

Reach out to your provider of skip bins to learn more.