How Does Rubbish Recycling Service Work?

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Many Aussies think that rubbish removal simply involves collecting and disposing of waste at various landfills across Australia. While this has traditionally been the case, most of today's rubbish removal companies are constantly finding newer, more environmentally friendly ways to manage the waste. One of the more eco-friendly waste management options being offered by these businesses is rubbish recycling. 

Rubbish recycling involves sorting and processing of certain waste materials with the aim of turning the rubbish into reusable products. Want to know how rubbish recycling service works? Continue reading on below to find the answers you're looking for. 

Ordering for a recycling bin

The first step to take when you want to recycle your rubbish is to contact your preferred bin service and specifically order a recycling bin. When making the order, you should state the bin size you want, how long you intend to keep the bin, your location and when you want the bin to be delivered. 

Delivery of your bin

Once you have placed your order, your bin service will process it so they can deliver your bin to your location on the specified date. As a general service rule, most companies require that you make your order at least one day before the delivery date, so be sure to order early enough to avoid late deliveries.

Loading rubbish into your bin

Once you bin has been delivered, you can start putting rubbish in it. Before doing so, you need to be mindful of what can be thrown in the bin and what can't. In general, most rubbish removal companies that offer recycling service take tins and cans, treated wood, paper, cardboard, glass, and cleaned plastic bottles, but it is recommended that you find out the exact recyclables that your service provider accepts. 

Collection of your loaded bin

On the agreed date of bin collection, your service provider will send a trucker to come to your location and pick up your loaded bin. If the dispatched personnel finds that you have put uncleaned or unacceptable items in your recycling bin, they may refuse to take it away. Instead, they will put a tag on the bin indicating what you should do to make your bin collectable. 

Sorting of your recyclable waste

When your bin is taken away from your property, it will be taken to a waste sorting facility where the various recyclables will be separated into different stockpiles. When each stockpile of recyclable material reaches the desired quantities, it is sent to a local waste recycling facility that can accept and recycle it. 

For more information on rubbish recycling, contact a reputable rubbish removal company that offers recycling service in your area.