Choosing the right type of skip bin

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Over time, waste tends to build up, whether it be at home or at the office. Trash can become an eyesore to look at and a huge hassle to clean up. Fortunately, there is a simple, easy, and convenient option: skip bin hire services. Skip bin hire services are available in Australia and are essentially an easy garbage disposal. There are many different types of skip bins for every purpose, whether it be home renovations or paper removal from offices. This article will focus on the four different types of skip bins available: small, medium, large, and specialty skip bins. 

Small Skip Bins

Small skip bins have the dimensions of approximately 4ft by 2.5ft by 3ft and have different names. They are also known as domestic skip, home skip, and mini skip. Often for residential uses, small skip bins are heavy duty and perfect for carrying waste from domestic locations. They can be used in ways such as carrying leftovers from home renovations or rubbish from building demolitions. These bins are good for heavier materials.

Medium Skip Bins

Medium bins are more suitable for commercial uses and are available up to 500 cubic feet. Similar to smaller skip bins, they are good for heavy items, but are larger in size. They are often used to remove large volumes of paper or machinery in office settings or rocks, steels and lumber from construction sites. If you do not want to remove the rubbish by yourself, skip bin hire professionals are available to do the manual labor for you.

Large Skip Bins

Large skip bins with volume up to approximately 700 cubic feet are used for industrial sites. Unlike small and medium skip bins, they are not suitable for the removal of heavier waste. However, they are perfect for removing a large volume of items. For instance, large skip bins are great for removing branches and leaves from garden renovations.

Specialty Skip Bins

Specialty skip bins also exist for individual requirements and special waste removal. They are used to remove chemical products, such as paint, oil, or asbestos. Essentially, specialty skip bins can clean up the mess that small, medium, and large skip bins cannot.

When using a skip bin hire service (such as Backyard Bins), it is important to know that amount and type of waste that you are dealing with, so that a perfect skip bin can be chosen. If you have any questions or concerns, you can call a skip bin hire professional that can guide you through the process.